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The Big Cranky Series

You will never look at the gods the same . . . 

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Big Cranky: Fall into Darkness

James Pyne

A failed god determined to succeed. A fresh generation hungry for his throne. Can the universe survive when the greed of immortals collides?


The Almighty El is tired of his creations dying and his offspring questioning his competence. After purging his latest failure and raising up a new cosmos, he’s certain that this time success is assured. But just as his handiwork takes root, his greatest enemy rises from the void to challenge him in a vicious tentacled battle.


Leader of the Seraphim, Lucifer is sick of his father’s catastrophic missteps. And when he temporarily takes charge while the useless deity rests, he vows this rightful reign will be permanent. Except Lucifer soon finds himself not only dethroned, but kicked into the fiery flames of the Inferno.


Now as El’s family spirals into death and madness, he must fight to keep all of existence from imploding. And Lucifer’s hunger for vengeance has inadvertently paved the way for every celestial with a lust for power to ravage the multiverse in their bid for the coveted crown.

Can the embattled pair stop the playground of the gods from becoming a killing field?


Big Cranky: Fall into Darkness is the mind-bending first volume in the Big Cranky epic fantasy series. If you like flawed deities, world-spanning cosmologies, and vivid imagery, then you’ll love James Pyne’s genre-shattering tale.



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