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Let's have a fireside chat, shall we?

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Hey. James Pyne here. Founder of Mothman Publishing. Hope you're doing well. Now let's have that friendly talk.

A little about me. Born in Nova Scotia and still living there. Awesome place. Been writing pretty much all my life. You know, back in Grade 6, I wrote a short story involving a haunted house with a sea of blood that drowns some of my classmates . . . the ones keeping me from having a peaceful walk home.

Anyway, the story was one of the favourites of the school so I got to read aloud the deaths of my bullies over and over, in every class, in every school in the county. Greatest therapy ever.

How did I get away from getting a serious beating for doing that?

I killed my friend Jason and me off, too, shaking off any suspicion of my silent revenge. In their eyes, they died heroic deaths. The fools had no idea. Ha! And you know what, the bullies left me alone after that. I think they thought it was my way of sucking up to them. Twice the fools! I really enjoyed writing that sea of blood in.

So, why did I start my own publishing company, anyway, you might be asking? I decided to after small press didn't work out. I could air dirty laundry, but I'm past that. In the end, it was for the better.

Instead of pouting, playing the victim, I used that experience as fuel to learn about self publishing.

I don't easily give up.

The fans I've won over through the publication of my first book, Big Cranky: Fall Into Darkness, convinced me I'm not the only one who likes my writing. It does the ego good, I admit.

Okay, grounding rocketing ego.

I wasn't keen on the idea of having to do almost everything on my own. You know what, after a few hours of researching the business, I was hooked. I felt empowered. Have been following my bliss for years but have never felt so determined. There will always be folks who help you along the way, but in the end, you're the only one that's going to put your entire heart into something you love doing.

And let me tell you, I've got an amazing cast of friends. Some have shared little known secrets when it comes to the business. Others, are helping me with logos and stuff like that. I have an awesome editor. My last line of defense, he even gets those pesky typos.

Why won't I give their names? Stalkers. One is a sight for the ages. Not you, Corey. I'm talking about Christina.

Relax. I just gave their first names. They're still safe.

I have an amazing book cover artist. His name is Jeffrey Kosh. This guy kicks ass. Consider hiring him if you're an author looking for one of the best book cover artists at an affordable price. He's great to work with. And one of the the kindest souls out there. I think he is underselling his work, to be honest.

Wait a sec. What am I doing, he might bump up his prices.

And yes, I gave his name. Why should I be the only one risking my life?

Artist Luke Spooner is doing the illustrations for the Big Cranky trilogy. Another talented dude. His prices are shockingly affordable considering the kind of work he pumps out. The dude's a machine. He's done projects involving Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, and Clive Barker. Hire this guy, already. Or go buy his art.

Yup, gave his name too. Why should Kosh be the only sacrificial lamb?

Last but not least, one more sacrificial lamb, my pal Franklin E. Wales. He always told me I could do this on my own. And has been mentoring me in his own non intrusive way on the business. I know if I am lost, he's there to shine a path for this little moth. Look up his books. You won't be disappointed.

I know it sounded like I was hating on small press. Not at all. Made lots of friends. Have come across many talented authors like Franklin. You'd be surprised by the talent swimming down here.

All of the above put passion into everything they do. I'm a lucky guy to be blessed with such talented friends.

I hope you give my books a try. I promise you this. I'll do my damndest to entertain you like you've never been before.

Okay, it's time to smother those dying embers with ash.

The moths are dancing outside my window in the streetlight. What lovely creatures they are.

Bedtime here.

Good night.

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