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I needed this!

About a week ago, bestselling author Chris Philbrook offered to read Big Cranky: Fall Into Darkness, volume 1 of the BC series. I was admittedly nervous. He's an enigma in the industry. The dude's a self-made success with a huge fanbase.

I didn't expect to hear from him any time soon. Two days later, I see he left me a private message on Facebook. I took a moment before reading it. It's one of those things that you believe in your writing but there's always doubt lingering that you're not good enough. That mentality also fuels me. I'm never happy with the final draft...always believing I can do better.

So I open his message and can't believe what I am reading. I didn't expect him to say the book sucked, but I also didn't expect his praise. He even gave me a blurb to use. So cool of him:

Big Cranky: Fall into Darkness is a stellar debut by author James Pyne.

One part mythology, one part the horrors only gods can inflict on mortals, and one part surreal fantasy, Big Cranky is a pressure cooker of a book; each page and each chapter grows the intensity, threatening to explode this rich world and its new takes on old characters into chaos and magnificent disorder.

Big Cranky has elements of Gaiman, Barker, and Lovecraft, all mixed lovingly, and presented in a thrilling fashion. Highly recommended for fans of mythology, epic fantasy, and dark fantasy.

-Chris Philbrook; USA Today bestselling author of Adrian’s Undead Diary, Tesser: A Dragon Among Us, & The Kinless Trilogy

I personally recommend starting out with the Adrian's Undead Diary series.

But yeah, I really needed that! I am so happy right now. :)

And while I am at it, here's the cover for the first volume. Done by Jeffrey Kosh.

If you're an author looking for reasonably priced cover artwork and fast response time, Kosh is your man.

The darkness is fast approaching and this mothman needs to get ready to bounce off some porch lights. Have a good one, folks.

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