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The Big Cranky launch has been a huge success!

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Hey all. Last week the launch of Big Cranky: Fall into Darkness was truly an epic experience. I didn't expect all the support that I got. It first started locally where folks started buying up the paperback as a personal read or as a gift for the bookworm in their life.

These same folks then recommended my book to their friends and family and many of them gave me a chance and bought the Kindle or paperback. Then told their friends.

Suddenly, people in neighbouring provinces were giving me a chance, then they told their friends and family. I couldn't believe my eyes. My American friends did the same and word started spreading there. Bestselling author Chris Philbrook even gave me this wicked review:

"Dark, darkly funny, and unsettling. Had the pleasure of reading James's novel before its release off an ARC from Mothman Publishing. Without going into too much detail or spoiling the rather rich and complicated plot this is a really fantastic Dark Fantasy novel set in a timeless ageless fable. I would very easily relate it to the works of Barker and Gaiman without pause and I would recommend it to any fan of my fantasy work or anyone who likes to read novels that takes mythology and turns it on its head."

Can you believe that? How cool was that of him? I can't say enough good things about this guy. Check out his gear at You won't be sorry!

It really is true what they say about "word of mouth" being the artist's best friend. Without it, a writer is pretty much dead in the water, especially those of us in the independent scene.

The hard work now begins. Keeping Big Cranky in the spotlight. While on the bestseller list, my book was between Joe Abercrombie and Mark Lawrence, sometimes rubbing shoulders with Stephen King. It was something I never thought I would see in my life but there I was. The harsh reality, and there always is one no matter how goods things are, is when you look at the bracketed review count of, let's say, Joe Abercrombie, who has two thousand reviews for his book . . . and I have three reviews --- whose book is the consumer going to click most times?

That's okay! No complaints here! To make one's dream come true, you got to work at it and believe in yourself and not be afraid to take chances. That anxiety feeling in your stomach, that dragon flaming up your insides that you get when that doorway of opportunity opens and you're not sure about stepping through . . .you do the research and it all checks out but that dragon burns deeper . . . step through that door! Don't be afraid! Take the chance. Even if there is a harsh lesson waiting, believe me, another doorway will open and that trial by fire you just endured, well, you will be awarded with a golden opportunity.

I am hard at work with the final edit of A Surge of Power, the second installment of the Big Cranky series. Book 3 is waiting for its final edit, along with Book 4. And Book 5 is two thirds through its first draft.

I want to thank all of you for supporting this blue-collar dude and helping him follow his bliss. You are awesome. Each one of you. And I promise you, Book 2 is going to be even more epic!!!

Okay, darkness is approaching. The silhouette of a tree against a grey sky is fading into night. Soon the moon will shine brightly for this Mothman to admire and wonder what secrets hide up there.

You guys are family now. I hope you enjoy the book!

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